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Hundreds of contemporary shoe designs in brilliant color.

There's something about shoes. Fashionable women will tell you that the shoes make the outfit and they could never have too many in their closet. For them this book will be a very fashionable treat.

The Complete Book of Shoes is an indulgent feast of footwear. It brings the fantasy and possibility of 533 extraordinary shoes to the shoe addict's wish list. The inventive designs and meticulous adornment are testament to the astonishing creativity and craftmanship found at the highest levels of fashion.

The Complete Book of Shoes gives readers a guided tour through the world's fashion capitals, from Paris and London to Tokyo, New York and Rome, with stops at the ateliers of the world's most avant-garde show designers. These are the creations of Pons Quitana, Paco Gil, Victoria Spruce, Iris Morata, Cuplé, Barbara Bui, BF Coleccion Europa, Caramelo, Chie Miraha, Ellen Ver Beek and many more.

This exciting book is a practical and inspirational resource for both working and aspiring shoe designers as well as stylists and wardrobe professionals. For fashionistas and shoe lovers everywhere, no matter their shoe allowance, it is pure eye candy.

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Casa Editrice: Firefly
Lingua: Inglese
Pagine: 600


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