Indietro  Tribe: Endangered Peoples of the World

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Tribe is about identity and belonging and the seemingly infinite ways that our species has found to make sense of the word around us.

The book vividly illustrates the spiritual beliefs, concepts of beauty, home-building techniques, hunting practices and every significant ritual from birth to death.

Examples are drawn from nomadic reindeer hunters, the Sakha and Komi of Siberia, to the Matis of Brazil, the fishermen of the Anuta tribe in the Solomon Islands, the Akie of Tanzania, the Himalayan Adi Tribe and the Mongolian Darhad nomads.

Tribe is an inspiring, eye-opening and sometimes poignant exploration of some of the least-known people of the world.

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Casa Editrice: Octopus Books
Lingua: inglese
Pagine: 192


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