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A groundbreaking book on the art of pressed flowers and leaf works from a leading flower artist.

The art of pressing flowers is enjoying a renaissance, and Jennie Ashmore teaches new fans how to make the most of this rediscovered craft.

She covers everything from the choice of flowers (including roses, poppies, and seaweed), to the various methods of pressing them, to designing with the finished pressed flowers and leaves. See how to achieve symmetry, use color, and combine the flowers with watercolor and gouache, painted backgrounds, and gold and silver paper.

There’s a range of insider tips on using the ribs of leaves to create pattern and movement, pressing both sides of a leaf, and capturing the seasons in a single, beautiful work.

Templates will help you get started, and a plant directory at the back of the book shows you what various plants look like when pressed.

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Casa Editrice: BatSford
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 2019
Pagine: 144


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