Indietro  Petchtamsee: World's Rarest Hybrid Cacti Gallery

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In more than 150 stunning color photographs, this volume presents an amazing range of the world's rarest hybrid cacti from the internationally renowned Petchtamsee Nursery in Thailand.

The allure of variegated and Christata Gymnocalycium lies in their intriguing colors and odd-looking appearance, but all of them distinguishably have their aesthetic appeal.

They are prized in the cactus industry and sought after by collectors.

The vibrant colors and the sculptural forms are captivatingly photogenic and seemed to have sprung to life under the glow of camera light against the black backdrop during the photo shoot.

The innate beauty of the more than 150 cacti shown in this book is naturally genuine, as we aim to expose their attraction unretouched, and to ultimately provide you with invaluable inspiration.

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Casa Editrice: Serindia Contemporary
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 2016
Pagine: 248


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