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How do you create a desirable, unique, and authentic brand these days? In 2014, two visionaries started to rebuild one of Paris’s long-forgotten apothecaries. Suitably renamed Officine Universelle Buly, the brand is now one of the most beloved names in beauty, sold in almost every corner of the globe. Conveying the best of traditional retail, such as personalization and craftsmanship, with the indispensable values of today, like sustainability and digitalization, this brand is the perfect case study on successfully reviving a heritage company.With detailed insights from creator Ramdane Touhami, The Beauty of Time Travel discloses the vital lessons learned along the way. It explains how to blend the excellence of the past with the best of the present, how to effectively communicate a brand story to the world, and how to keep people guessing. These insights and trade secrets will give you the tools needed to replicate such success for yourself.

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