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Giovanni Gastel, by Germano Celant, presents the creative path of the Milanese photographer through the intertwining of his professional and biographical events, by making reference to the international fashion scene as well its complex communication system.

The ‘imaginary’ journey that Gastel has developed through publication in magazines – from Vogue Italia to Harper’s Bazaar – advertisement campaigns – from Dior to Guerlain – exhibitions – from Gastel per Donna to Maschere e Spettri - is displayed through the reconstruction of forty years of experimental and commissioned work, in which “serial” ensembles and individual products highlight the features of his storytelling, his unique use of light and of the comparison between people and objects.

The goal is to document his operating method, based on the analysis and presentation of a subject in series: still life, portrait, fashion shot and personal research.

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Casa Editrice: Silvana Editoriale
Lingua: Inglese
Pagine: 528


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