Indietro  Moths of Costa Rica's Rainforest

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Costa Rica is known around the world for its diversity of plants and animals.

What is little known, however, is that the country is home to an astounding variety of creatures that are only active at night: moths large and small, with their peculiarly shaped wings, striking patterns, impressive antennae and fabulous colors.

Armin Dett has been documenting this unique and enthralling diversity of nocturnal butterflies, capturing and photographing them alive before setting them free.

Through written contributions, renowned specialists offer further insights into these fascinating and oft-neglected creatures that are nevertheless vital for our global eco-system.

Many of the 450 species are presented for the first time in this lavishly illustrated volume.

It pays homage to a beautiful side of nature that comes to life only in the darkness of night.

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Mese di Uscita: 2017
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