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Chanel No. 5 has been made with flowers from the same picturesque patch of land between the Alps and the Mediterranean, known as the Pégomas Valley, since the perfume was created in 1921.

Every year hundreds of pounds of flowers are cultivated, picked, and distilled, following secret traditions.

For the first time, the artisanal techniques used to create the world’s most coveted perfumes are revealed.
The six-volume collection contains a book on each of the main five flowers from which all Chanel perfumes are made—centifolia rose, iris, jasmine, geranium, and tuberose—with the first book profiling the creators and detailing the process.

This beautiful and lavish gift set offers a fascinating look into the storied brand of Chanel and the art of making perfume.

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Casa Editrice: Abrams
Lingua: Inglese
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