Indietro  African Print - A Textile Story, Made In Kyoto

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Did you know that the colourful, vivid African textiles we are familiar with were once made in Kyoto?

It is a little-known fact that, in their heyday, Japanese-made multi-coloured textiles in an African print style were a highly sought after commodity loved by local people.

Especially during the 1960s and 70s, these unique cloths with a variety of patterns were produced in Japan and exported to various African regions, where they were transformed into typical garments, from festive outfits to everyday wear.

It was a booming cross-cultural industry, which this book presents in stunning detail and colours, with numerous examples of swatches, archive photographs, and a textile history.

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Casa Editrice: Seigensha
Lingua: Giapponese
Mese di Uscita: 2019
Pagine: 168


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