Indietro  Floral Design Manual: Materials & Techniques

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A collection of techniques that can be applied to the world of floral design.


Floral master, teacher, and designer Pim van Den Akker has always been fascinated by nature and over the years he has had many successful publications including: 'Ik rouw om jou' (Funeral Design), Floral Composition and 'Ja, ik wil' (Bridal Design). He has been responsible for the design of many events such as the Home and Garden Fair and Floral Movement and has given demonstrations worldwide. Pim van Den Akker currently works as a guest lecturer. He is unique in the way that he uses new materials and techniques, taking floral art to a new level. He retains an unmatched ability to translate nature into objects that will amaze and inspire everyone.

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Casa Editrice: Terra
Lingua: Inglese/Olandese
Mese di Uscita: 2013
Pagine: 360


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