Indietro  Jeans 150 Ans de Légende

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Worn, faded, patched, torn... we all wear jeans.

And it’s been going on for 150 years. 150 years of legend.

From the young Bavarian Levi-Strauss and his tents bathed in indigo to the wildest fashion designers, denim has gone through a thousand revolutions.

And stuck to all eras and all tribes.

Very fashion victim with feathers and sequins, pioneer version in overalls, western look or rodeo style, leather-clad biker, borderline grunge rocker, flower power or even techno-tribal hippy, or hyper baggy Street'n'Rap...

Jeans in all their forms, in all your desires.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2003
Casa Editrice: Michel Lafon
Lingua: Francese
Pagine: 180
prodotto digitale: 0


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