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In this book experienced and well-known graphic designers explain top us the key thoughts behind their concepts and production processes.

Ideas are not born alone. They come from a process to a large extent organized and rational but sometimes unconscious and magical.

In this book we can enjoy and learn from the creative processes of great graphic designers and creative voices around the world.

Here we can find impulsive graphic design versus more cerebral design; radical and avant-garde design alongside poetic, childish, commercial, intellectual, subversive and socially oriented graphic design.

26 designers from 15 countries show us their workspaces, their personal notebooks and the creative processesthat allow them to break away from established norms and be original while simultaneously adapting to the client's requirements and communicating a clear message to consumers.

They teach us the keys to understand what is behind those magnificent works that inspire, thrill, impact or invite us to action.

In this book the creative process itself is inspiration, a unique guide to creativity with storytelling and lessons on how to live your best creative life.

The book features the work and creative processes of Ralph Bauer (Netherlands/Peru), Susana Blasco (Spain), Tomasz Boguslawski (Poland), Sarah Boris (London), Chelsea Cardinal (USA), Ryan Carl (USA), André Da Loba (Portugal), Isidro Ferrer (Spain), Veronica Fuerte (Spain), Rick Griffith (USA), Sebastian Kubica (Poland), Anette Lenz (France), Jiani Lu (Canada), Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico), Veronica Majluf (Peru), Fanette Mellier (France), Cláudia Mestre (Portugal), Milimbo (Spain), Akinori Oishi (Japan), Alvaro Pecci (Spain), Stefan Sagmeister (NY, USA), Teresa Sdralevich (Belgium), Akiko Sekimoto (Japan), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), Cihan Tamti (Germany), Jessica Walsh (USA).

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