Indietro  Liberty: The History – Luxury Edition: Treasure from the archives of the London department store

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Liberty is the last word in bohemian luxury, a destination and brand celebrated for its unique blend of avant-garde design and expert craftsmanship.

Liberty: the History - Luxury edition celebrates the historic beginnings of the iconic store as well as their contemporary vision - from their "Eastern Bazaar" of objets d'art, rugs and textiles from Japan and the East to the brand's association with the developing Art Nouveau movement, their whimsical window displays and quintessential Art Fabrics, to the innovations in design and printmaking and the savvy collaborations and creative direction that have kept Liberty at the forefront of the fashion world.

With treasures from the Liberty archives including classic silk scarves, designs spanning over a century and original sketches for Liberty Art Fabrics, this is the official invitation into a London institution and a global icon.

This deluxe edition features a cloth-bound hardback book, 10 exquisite art prints and a stunning collectible gift box.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2023
Casa Editrice: Welbeck
Lingua: Inglese
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