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Denim designer and denim collector Antonio di Battista released his 3rd book: My Archive III.

The theme of the book is ‘When jeans were used to work’. The book is again published by Denim Boulevard / Crackers Magazine from Italy.

It’s the third edtion in the great My Archive book collection range. 
The third edition gives you again an insight in his extremely huge and rare denim and workwear collection.
The content of the book shows American workwear from the late 1800 till 1950.
Antonio di Battista is a true fanatic denim collector and travels around the world for more than 25 years to find the most amazing and unique vintage pieces. Most of his treausres are coming from trips to the U.S. and Japan.
In his new book My Archive III ‘When jeans were used to work’ Antonio shows his love for repaired, worn-out and patched denim items. 
The items showed in the book were worn by workers which repaired their items over and over again which results in ‘natural denim art’. Next to expand his very rare denim collection Antonio uses these examples for his daily design inspiration.
The first chapter of the book is a kind of homage to the legendary Cone Mill from the U.S. which exists more than 125 years.
The other chapters are about Fades, Distressed and Repair.

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