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Textile Patterns & Prints in Repeat with Editable PSD Layers

Embark on a creative journey with this exclusive collection of Bandhani patterns, a traditional art form celebrated for its intricate tie and dye technique.

This book showcases 60 unique designs, each with 2 to 3 colorways, reflecting the rich heritage of Bandhani of Rajasthan.

From silk Bandhani dress patterns to colorful Bandhani dresses, these designs are a fusion of tradition and modernity.

Included are PSD files and colorways for customization, making it a versatile resource for designers, artists, and textile enthusiasts.

Explore the history of Bandhani, the difference between Bandhej and Bandhani, and the various types of Bandhani that have adorned everything from Bandhej sarees in Ahmedabad to neck designs for Bandhani dresses.

Whether you’re interested in fashion, home décor, or artistic projects, this book offers a glimpse into the world of Bandhani like never before. Get your copy today and unleash your creativity with this unparalleled collection of Bandhani patterns.

60 Unique Designs: Carefully crafted to reflect a blend of tradition and innovation.
2 to 3 Colorways for Each Design: Offering a diverse palette for creativity.
PSD Files Included: Customize and create with ease.
Bandhani Patterns: Experience the beauty of cultural artistry through Bandhani.

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