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The subtle color motifs of this Print Box Vol.1 are part of a collection of decorative flower paintings, which are re-elaborated and reproduced especially for this particular book edition.

The prestigious Design Book publication illustrates single and multiple floral bouquets in large format, cleaned up, arranged in one point compositions.

All the motifs are available either in a printed book version, either in a digital support – included on a free DVD-ROM (in TIFF Format).

All the illustrations are for a License-Free use and ready-to-use immedeately for your convenience.

Impressive flower fantasies with modern groundworks all in editable layers.

Subtle color arrangements. Ideas for costumes, fashion sketches, textile and designs, theatre and stage decorations.

The abstraction of painting techniques and formal intentions go far beyond the usual measure of naturalistic shaping and compositions.Practical source and ideabook for craftsmen, textile and fashion designers. Useful handicraft material which derives from original working models of many different sources, cultures, epochs and styles.

Perfect models and ideas for any kind of applied art and visual concepts, when floral motifs, plant forms and natural studies are required to enrich the artwork. Specific text in English, general text in 5 languages.

This flower print design book is a must for All overs, kurtis, tunics, dresses, skirts, bedsheets, home furnsihing, etc.

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