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Prints & More Wild Tribe: In this selection you will have 150 repeated prints.

The new trend report contains 150 single designs as usually, splitted on 30 pages, 5 designs per page. The focus is on Autumn/ Winter.

This theme intricately weaves together cultural heritage and the untamed beauty of nature, blending ethnic motifs with the captivating allure of animal prints.

It serves as a vivid homage to a tapestry of diverse traditions, intermingled with the primal splendor of the animal kingdom.

These motifs are seamlessly intertwined with houndstooth transformations, adding a sophisticated twist to the theme.


- Fashionable according to the latest catwalks .

- Designs for any product

- 150 modular repeat prints

- All files as PSD/JPG and or PDF/EPS files

- Free to use in accordance with the copyright terms

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