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This is the fabric and textile directory that dressmakers and fashion designers have been waiting for.

This book is like having your own personal shopper able to recommend fabrics to suit the effects you want to achieve, show you how the fabric will perform, and recommend ways of using it.

Each fabric in the directory is acompanied by photographs presented in a way that makes the properties of the fabric come alive for the viewer, allowing you to really understand how a fabric might behave.

The Fashion Designer s Textile Directory is sure to become essential reading for every designer wanting to communicate their final vision through the appropriate use of fabric.

Table of Contents Introduction 1. The Landscape of Textile Design: The Language of Textiles Design; The Designer s Social Responsibility 2. The Directory: Achieving the Design Concept; Structure; Fluidity; Expansion; Compression; Ornamentation 3. Terminology and Resources: Easy Reference Field Guides; Glossary; Socially Responsible Materials; General Resources

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2018
Casa Editrice: Thames & Hudson
Lingua: Inglese
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