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In Happening 2, over one hundred eye-catching events are showcased that capture the imagination whilst translating the essence of a brand into an unforgettable experience.

This book focuses on the design of the whole event, informing readers exactly how the brief was translated in order to create a show that fascinates a global audience.

Happenings are very much still happening – more than enough reason to launch a sequel to our first event-themed title. In the age of social media, the event is becoming a mass-marketing campaign that targets a global audience. And its reach is far greater if it’s both memorable and photogenic.

Happening 2 covers over 60 stunning spectacles – from fashion shows to festivals and exhibitions to exclusive product launches – that leave lasting impressions. Events offer designers the perfect testing ground; they are ideal opportunities to experiment with spatial perception and sensory experiences.

Happening 2 travels the globe to cover memorable moments by the likes of Bureau Betak, Bompas & Parr, MVRDV, Snarkitecture and TeamLab, revealing how the designers translated their concepts from page to platform. The event industry monumentalizes the fleeting, and Happening 2 does the same.

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