Indietro  King of Vintage Vol.3 :Heller’s Cafe Part.2 Revised 2nd Edition

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This title is 2nd Revised Edition of "King of Vintage Vol. 3: Heller's Cafe Part 2", published in 2012.

It was quickly sold out and it became collectable book for long years. Rin Tanaka Checked out all layouts in fall 2022, but he didn't change much, because this title was already pefect-edited in 2012.

Following Part 1 & 3, it big features over 176 pieces of amazing vintage collection of Heller's Cafe, owned by Larry McKaughan who is one of the BEST vintage clothing dealers in the world.

These over 176 vintage items were made in the 1870s-1960s. If you are researching about very old American men's uniform history before WWII: military, work wears (Denim) and sports uniforms, this new title will help you out well!

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2023 revised 2nd edition
Casa Editrice: Cycloman Books
Lingua: Inglese/Giapponese
Pagine: 160
Stagione/Numero: 3


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